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Susie A

Frog, do you care what your friends think? Are you a follower or a leader? Not having a boyfriend yet, means little. It also means you can focus on other things, like having fun with friends, finishing school, and enjoying what’s left of your youth. When adults say, “don’t be in a hurry” it is because we understand the “drags” of having boyfriends and girlfriends when you’re young. When I was 15, my peers laughed at me for not having had a boyfriend yet, or sex. It didn’t feel very good to have them acting like something was wrong with that, but somehow, I felt that my life was my own, and I wanted to go at my own pace. Being 15 doesn’t mean you have to keep up with the pace of your peers, or pass their approval codes. And guys your age usually have ONE THING on their minds (with the encouragement of their peers) to “score”, or at least come as close to it as they can. Waiting till they grow up a bit, is not a bad idea. Especially if you want a meaningful relationship. There’s no hurry, and there are no rules that say you MUST have a boyfriend NOW. It should happen naturally and in it’s own time anyway. Having a boyfriend is not something you can rush anyway, unless it doesn’t matter to you if he’s the right person for you. It would be dumb for you to try and rush having a boyfriend, just so your peers won’t say anything. Let em talk. It’s your life, you are young, and don’t need the headaches. Just be a friend to guys, as you would to anyone, and if something naturally evolves out of that later on, great. Be yourself, and follow your own pace. Not your peers’.

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