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Humility may be the word you might not want to hear. In the vast weaponry we are given, Humility is the strongest weapon you have. espcially when it comes to major spiritual warfare. but the key here right now is protecting you mind. The word says be ye tranformed by the renewing of your mind. Through reading what you typed the enemy has chose to go after your mind. beacuse as soon as he gets a clear foothold in the mind he can totaly wreck your entire life or rather the way you think. The mind is a serious battleground. and you have found out what I have learned over the years Christian therapist are not always equiped to deal with spiritual warfare they are good at times for practical aplications to life but really are ill equiped to deal with spirtaul warfare given the state of the christian chuches conflicting belief of spiritual warfare.

with that said the enemy is a trip. If your willing we can take a walk down a hard path that has one of the greatest victories that have to deal with spiritual warfar its called the Elijah Road to the Elijah revolution that will begin to bring greater victory and a greater understanding of the weapons Humility Faith, Prayer and the armor that has been given to us.

IF you willing lets go. Gods Got a massive plan for your life and victories the like of which you have never seen before.

Oh yeah tell the enemy they’re about to get the greatest beat down they have ever felt in a while

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