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Dove Bird

Thank you so much for your post. One thing that came to my mind while reading it is that I have stopped reading God’s word. I keep trying to pray and renew my mind on my own. Reading the bible is as boring to me as standing in one spot all day. I have mostly gotten my spirit filled from other texts written and taken from the bible. Such as war on the saints, Joyce Meyer, Rober Schuller etc.

However, there have been times when I did study the bible even haphazardly and it was those times that the enemy plagued me with nightmares instead.

I have been fretting over gaining all this knowledge to fight the foe and I need to remember that it is not I that fights but God, the fight is done and over. My Christian therapist is trying to help me understand that unforgiveness for myself has opened the door to the enemy all these years. I never saw it that way and frankly it is truth that I could never understand the breadth and depth of Christ’s love until I quit condemning myself. I don’t know how to do that either except to resist it, notice it and get more into the bible….goods food for our spirit no matter how boring it is to me. Thanks for reminding me…

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