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Dove Bird

Thank you so much! Your message brought tears to my eyes! You are right my mind is being attacked terribly as well as my body. I feel like getting up and running and have no place to run too. I want to call my therapist but she is not available….there is no one except others who have insight.

I am in a state right now where my thoughts are so fogged and so full of fear I am laying down shaking and so weak I cannot even do my dishes. Thank you for the ray of hope….yes whatever you have to offer to strengthen my armor through the Lords words I welcome….I know this is not going to be easy…the enemy does not like being known let alone cast out…and his dominion is waging war in my knowledge of them…..this is not fun at all…very very powerful….I don’t like feeling the darkness around me so heavily. One person called me an empath but I dont think that is it at all. When the enemy gains his ground he can allow the micking of all gifts the Lord gives…..I know these will turn around for the good once I am free.

I am somewhat vunerable in trusting others as one should be wary in dealing with the correct path to the Lord but I must trust the Lord that he will lead me to other people that have more knowledge and victory than I do at this time…..

Fearfully…..I am ready

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