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Ellen Herner

I too have been plagued by demons. They’ve disrupted my life in horrible ways, they’ve plagued my dreams, stalked my house, talked to me, etc. I have generational curses in my family, I was delivered from Bi-polar but still suffer an eating disorder.

A couple of months ago, I was having a horrible time with a presence in the hallway outside my bedroom. It even spoke to me one evening and told me not to look in the hallway. Being so new in the Chrisian faith, I heeded the words and was scared to death. I didn’t comprehend yet what “being under the blood REALLY meant.”

I spoke one day to the woman I call my spiritual mother and told her what was happening and she agreed to come to the house and pray with me. We prayed in each room and she asked me had I ever been involved in the occult at any time in any way and of course, when I was in the world I had been. I repented of those times to close that door. When we reached the hallway near my room, my spiritual mom stopped and began to pray loudly in tongues, I was all broken out in goosebumps. When she finished she said that there had definately been a spirit present.

She explained to me about being under the blood and that I had the authority to banish the spirit and that I was never to listen to it or them again. Also, if it was to speak to me again like it did before and tell me not to look, I am to look and say “I’ll look anywhere in my house that I please.” and I’m to order it to leave. It was hugely liberating. I realized at that moment that I didn’t have to be afraid, because I have the most powerful force on earth on my side, God!!!

Still, shortly afterm the spirit decided to test me and began giving me horrid nightmares. One night I dreamt that I was dreaming and the spirit was sitting on my bed. I could feel myself shaking and trying to wake up. In my dream I did wake up and found my husband sleeping on the couch and he was having trouble in his dreams too. In my dream I woke him up and said, “Come in the bedroom, we need to pray.” Then (still dreaming) I went back in, got into bed and the demon came and sat on my bed again, closer this time. Then, I found myself waking up for REAL and I was praying and praising God!!!! I prayed for about 15 minutes then fell back to sleep and that was the last time I had a bad dream.

Now I sleep with Christian music playing all night to keep a certain attitude in my room. For some reason, the activity has always centered around the bedroom. With the music, the atmosphere is not conducive to bad spirits. I also keep the Bible next to my bed.

Demons still plague me in the form of low-self esteem and the eating disorder but I have been praying, as are some of the brothers and sisters on this site. I need to lay this at the feet of Jesus and I will be triumphant for “I can do all things in Christ who strenghten me”.

God bless to all those who suffer in the name of Christ for we are blessed.

With love in Christ,


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