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Marcia D.


I have been very tormented and had relationship problems badly, and all that too. Had hallucinations, nightmares, people getting mad at me any time. Couldn’t make anyone happy, seems the devil was always stirring someone up to lash out at me, plus my hearing was so bad, it was lilke I was deaf, yet I could hear sound by not understand normal conversation. This hearing difficulty made relatinship or making new relationships almost impossible. People would misunderstand me; I would misunderstand them and this brought such a terrible sense of failure and condemnation to me. Plus, people would add to the condemnation and tell negative things to others about me. It just goes on and on. I had 2 sisters (one died in Jan) who were very competetive and always came between me and my mother. they were also jealous of me b/c they thought I was a little prettier (not that it helped any)and this added to the problem. I had physical illnesses over and over and almost died 5 or 6 times. I needed to be hospitalized several times at least when I had no way to get there or the money. Have had numerous problems with skin rashes or itchy skin, flu problems so I got dehydrated and close to death quickly, had a horrible case of mononucleosis (it made me cry just to swallow). My mother wouldn’t spend the money for me to go to the hospital. We had money in the bank but my dad insisted on keeping it there—not sure if it was all his fault or what. I could go on and on. It was only when a doctor friend of my uncle’s said I was going to die that I was taken to the hospital (one time) and this was for a blood disease. The relatives prayed and I was out of the hospital in 5 days. The family was living in poverty all the time although my father was an engineer. My dad insisted on putting the extra money in the bank. My sister was on drugs and used up much of the money after my dad died while she was living with my mother and had a lot of control over my mother.

But, I found that if you just forget the world and just look to Jesus, and learn to hear his voice, and do what he says, and keep your eyes on him alone, you will get through anything.


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