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Blessings Sis, I just wanted to add a couple things if I may. First being, one way the enemy will get us to this point is by our entertaining thoughts that Exalt itself Above the knowledge of God, the word is clear we are to renew our minds, how? By the word, the word is alive and active and powerful, it WILL pull down strongholds. However, we have to take that step to get as much word in us as possible. The mind is the devils playground, so we must be well versed in the word, he will do all he can to prevent you from getting fed the word my sister, and it is logical why he would, it is BY that word through our Faith that he will be defeated. The word is also clear that God has NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a SOUND mind, nor is he the author of confusion. So…. get in the word, speak it out, put on praise music, fill the atmosphere with Godly words and of Praise. I will be holding you up in prayer and standing with you. May God hold you up and strengthen you in the inner man, In Jesus Name I speak Peace and Strength to you my sister! It is written, You ARE MORE than a conqueror through Jesus Christ , You ARE the head and NOT the tail, the enemy is under your feet! He was defeated over 2000 years ago Bless God, and is Defeated NOW! Hallelujah! Remember the devil is a liar and the Father of It! Sis, if I can help in any please dont hesitate to e-mail me, soaring@sport.rr.com

Pastor Deb

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