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Dear Touched by a dove, my heart goes out for you. You are very special and I want you to know that God has not forgotten you. I have been researching demonic possesion now for a many years. Not that I enjoy the darkside of these wicken Spirits, but I believe that it is important to know your enemy. That way you will learn how to be a overcomer and know the weapons that is provided for us by Jesus. There are a few things I would like to suggest to you…

a/ be sure that you do not have unforgiveness in your heart, and if you do .. it is important to confess it and commit it to the Lord. No matter how bad it is… you MUST forgive those who might have cause you great harm or hurt. Have you ever played around with witchcraft.. if so.. you need to renounce it in the name of Jesus and confess it as sin. But more than anything, I would seek the help of an anointed pastor. Remember you belong to God and He LOVES you. Do not give up. I would like to pray for you…. Jesus, I pray for “Touched by a dove”, Lord you know her and the hurt that she is going through. I pray Lord that you will touch her and send her free from these wicken Spirits. Spirits I command you powers broken over this child of God and I command that you ALL come out of her right now in the Name of Jesus. Demons.. I bide you in the name that is above all names… Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.. come out. And Lord I release the power of Love and the Holy Spirit into her life. In Jesus Name I Pray.. Amen God Bless you.


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