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I’m not sure how to do this, I pray you get this. It all begins with accepting that you are covered with the blood of Jesus. Someone has probably already told you that but so what concentrate on it. You are covered by the blood of Jesus. If you wasn’t you’d be dead! Number2. Get some truth in you and meditate on it and have it come alive in your mind, heart, and soul. You do that by meditating on Jesus word breath by breath. Lie by lie the devil tries to speak into your mind. You can start off by telling Jesus you believe in his word. The word that he sent to heal you with. The churches prayers help, but it’s the blood that covers you and holds the power of life in it. This is a day to day thing to do. Breath the word, hear the word, think the word, eat the word, believe the word, believe the word.Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and not the lies of the devil. Your obviously having a hard time trusting Jesus. That’s what the devil does though. Gets you to doubt and listen to him in your ears and mind. Stop it. Be wise of the devil’s trickery. He knows what moves you. Rise up against him in the name of Jesus your Lord and savior who already has victory in your life. You are not bound by anything that you don’t have to be bound by. What do you think Jesus is alive for? To set you free from the devilish ways of satans works and attacks. He’s given you all power and authority over all demons and when you resist them in the name of Jesus they have to flee. And, when they do tell you mind to shut up and your HOlY SPIRIT to speak life into you. A lot of times it’s not always the devil it’s just our ritual way of mind thinking that were so use to. Plus, the war is not yours. Quit trying to fight and let God fight your battles and that takes you acknowledging that he’s there with you and he wants to fight the battle for you. This is not your war but his. Get out of his way and let him be God/Jesus in your life. You don’t have to live like this. Jesus never said he wouldn’t save you, he said he would. But, but. We say but so much. Quit saying that. That’s another one of your problems. Just say Jesus! Jesus! Lord! Lord! of my life you reign in it. I give you permission to reign in my life. I live for you alone. My future is yours for your glory. Please receive it now Jesus. In my mothers womb you formed me and now I give back to you what you have chosen and created before time. Keep your eyes on Jesus at all times. Never look to the right or the left. Everyday and every breath. Breath by breath and thought by thought and start saying the word out loud like you believe it. Live man! Live. Things come to those who want it. How bad do you want Jesus? Then seek him. Knock and the door will be opened. The more you spend with Jesus the more your consumed by him. Be consumed by his spirit and there’s no room for devils. Later.

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