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hmm.. I think that I just replyed to another one of your posts?

Yes.. it is possible to like someone that lives far away..

I fell in love with a guy who lived 5 hours away from me.

BUT, it is very hard. And.. he’s older? I know it depends on the guy.. but sometimes that’s not such a good thing. I can’t tell you what to do… but ask yourself:

How long have I known him? Do I know him well enough..?

Is he strong in his faith?

Is he a genuine friend.. will he protect you, not be a pig? (lol, sorry, some guys are!)

And.. well.. if I were you, I’d ask myself whether I’m actually interested in the guy, or in just having a relationship. (I’m not questioning your motives or anything.. but its something to think about).

I hope everything turns out ok..

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