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Let the SDA lecture about pagan Rome and the change of the Sabbath begin…

LOL. I’m having that discussion with others SDA members on another forum.

A SDA member with their rethoric we all now so well said that He doesn’t follow the traditions of man but what God has commanded and Written in stone.

My question was this. “Then you should have no problem finding a verse that says Saturday is the Sabbath”

God made the 7th day Holy and the Sabbath. He didn’t say Saturday is to be kept Holy. He also didn’t say that Saturday is the seventh day.

The 7th day can be relative according to what calendar a person follows. We now follow a solar calander which has changed. The Jewish people at the time followed a lunar calendar. I don’t know if their calendar has changed through out history.

NOw when God Commanded to keep the Sabbath Holy was Saturday the 7th day back then as it is now? Was the way the people kept track of time the same?

We humans have made SAturday the Seventh day according to our understanding.

I think this is what Jesus meant when he said that the Sabbath was made for Man not Man for the Sabbath.

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