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you wrote:

“God made the 7th day Holy and the Sabbath. He didn’t say Saturday is to be kept Holy. He also didn’t say that Saturday is the seventh day.”


If Saturday is not the seventh day, then Jesus did not rise from the tomb on Sunday. which means that Sunday observance in respect of the resurrection of Christ is incorrect as well.

The bible specifically states that Jesus rose from the tomb on the first day of the week after the sabbath. But if you say that the sabbath is not Saturday, then the first day is not Sunday.

Also consider this; If there was a calendar mix-up from creation to the time of Jesus, and the Jews were observing the wrong day of the week in obedience of the 4th commandment, then Jesus would have corrected them. but nowhere in scripture does it intimate that Jesus changed the days of the week. In fact Jesus kept the sabbath in obedience of His Father’s commandments.

And then there is the issue of a change in the calendar from the time of Jesus to our present day. If there was a change in the calendar that affected the weekly cycle, then logically that change would have affected Sunday also. Which means that Sunday observance of the resurrection of Christ is yet incorrect still.

It’s funny that this idea of a change in the calendar never comes up until the issues of the sabbath and Sunday clash.

there has not been a change in any calendar that affects the weekly cycle. We’ve always had 7 days in a week (except the French during their revolution, but that’s the French), and through the ages people have named them, but they have remained constant throughout history. Tuesday (third day) has always followed Monday (second day), and Saturday (seventh day) has always preceeded Sunday (first day). This historical fact cannot be disputed (unless you ignore solid historical evidence).

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