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Please take a minute to review Daniel 7:25, “…and [Antichrist will] think to change times and laws…”

Most Christians would not boast about conducting the agenda of the Antichrist, such as changing the “time” of the Sabbath from the seventh day of the week to the first, Sunday. Why do you, and why do Roman catholic writers?

In fact, the assignment of our last day of the week to be the current Saturday on the modern calendar is strictly arbitrary. I doubt that anyone, even with a Jewish calendar, can accurately determine which of our current days is the true Sabbath.

Therefore, the historic action of the Roman catholic church to change the day of Sabbath to Sunday is just something they “thought” to do, as Antichrist is described.

Does that act sound a little arrogant to you?

The pope is just a guy. However, maybe if he wore some fancier clothes, and lived the pampered life of a king a little more, unlike Jesus for some reason, then he might be able to convey a little more authority.

I would love to speak with him to his face. Sounds fun.


(P.S. I forgot to mention the deal about the Antichrist “thinking to change laws.” Here it is: Why does the Roman catholic bible omit one of the original Ten Commandments? Was it the Second Commandment, that of not making a “Graven Image” and not “Bowing Down To It?” I wonder what Mary thinks of that Commandment?)

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