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lisa walker

thank you all for your prayers this is just an update on my grandmother she goes in friday the 28th to have a pasemaker put in her please pray it will all go well for her i love you all here at praize gbu all

monday nov 8th

up date on granny she went in today to have a pacemaker put in well praise god it went great it only took a couple hours for there was a man who had a massive heart attack and the doc had to do an emergency surg on this man i don’t know the man’s name but our father in heaven does i would like everyone to lift him up in our prayers let him heal wanderfully from this heart attack once again i would like to thank you all at praize for praying for my grandmother that means so much to me and my family we love you all dearly.god bless you all .

praize i love you all here thank god for a great site here robbie and tara and all ops and hops ect.you all are greatlove you all and i loved being apart of the team as long as i was love you all very much god bless lisa walker thank you all

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