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I was going to wait until you posted more (and I should be able to post on the next few Chapters of Genesis shortly), but I did want to offer a few thoughts:

What is interesting is that astronomers definitely know that the universe is receding from our earth in both directions: meaning? It appears that God created the earth at the heart/center of creation, therefore the logical conclusion would be that creation began here.

It is true that everything is moving away from the earth; however everything is moving away from everything else (the evidence of a large explosion). Interesting thing about the universe: as it is ‘infinite’ any point in it would appear to be the center of it from that point. So, you are the center of the universe, but so am I, and so is some rock on some planet in some solar system in some galaxy millions of light years away. The point is, every point appears to be the center, but in reality there is no center.

Now in verse 3 God creates light, so we now have the light spectra: light is both a wave and a particle at the same time.

Actually, light has both wave-like and particle-like characteristics: particle theory explains reflection and refraction, and wave theory explains interference and polarization which particle theory can not. Basically, as it is with electrons, light can act as a wave or it can act as a particle, but not both at the same time. QED (quantum electrodynamics) may be a unifying theory of the particle-wave duality, however it isn’t apparent that one is necessary.

(“I am the LIGHT of the world” John 9:5) God spoke, therefore the WORD has created light and is the light.

Can I add the sound effects? Please, can I? POOF!

Anyway, out from this ball of water an enormous vault of water appears approximately 11 miles above the earth.

An enormous vault of water appears 11 miles above the earth… POOF!

The core of the firmament would have appeared blue, above and below was a protective layer of ice. As enormous and heavy as we can imagine it being, it would have been held in statis by the di-pole magnetic field of the earth. “It would act as a photo-multiplier of light energy, protecting and enhancing human, plant and animal life.” This later collapsed in the days of Noah. There is actually proof that the firmament existed. The firmament would have filtered the sun creating a pink light.

Um, what proof is there that this thing suspended up in the sky existed? and then collapsed? What suspended it to begin with?

In Tokyo, Dr. Kei Mori experimented with pink light and discovered that the environment was perfect for the growth and support of life. He grew tomato plants in excess of 16 feet with 903 tomatoes.

I’m not familiar with any of this, however I do know people who could engineer you a square tomato if you’d like (no God required!)

Keep in mind that God created the vegetation, he did not plant seeds as he did in the Garden of Eden. The plant life would not have required the sun as it would have already been full grown.


As for your question as God saying “we,” you will note that the Jews (remember Moses wrote the Torah)

I don’t want to jump ahead, but, based on internal characteristics of the books, the Pentateuch could not have been written solely by ‘Moses’ (whoever that is?) or any single person for that matter.

God’s nature is of a trinity.

Could you elaborate on this? What is the nature of a triune entity? Is the concept of a triune entity logically valid, sound, cogent or even possible? Some elucidation is needed, if you please.

Genesis 1:29, “I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” I am not sure of the Hebrew word used for “meat” in your translation, but keep in mind, Moses wrote this in a time when meat was consumed and was considered an important food just as it is today, it may have been symbolic of the “weightiness” of the fruit in Eden. The fruit in Eden must have contained a wealth of phyto-nutrients and chemicals to sustain life, perhaps even protein, hence the word “meat.”

Nice try. You’re avoiding the relevance of this verse. The point is, God said he made every tree for them, and gave them every tree. Then he tells them he didn’t; point- God is inconsistent.

What translation are you using? Check with the Hebrew and Greek Bible that is far more clear!

Oh boy! You’re not going to try and run me over thrity different translations to cut and paste your particular version together are we? I used the King James Version. I find the others (like NIV) seem to be intentionally softened, with the entire meaning of certain passages changing (God couldn’t have done that, let’s change it!) Once again, though, it seems you are trying to avoind the issue: in one verse he says the fowls are formed from the ground, in another he says they are formed from the water, ergo, contradiction.

Did you know that every single element found in the soil is also found in the human body? An article in Reader’s Digest described a fascinating discovery by the researchers at NASA’s Ames Research Center which confirmed the Bible’s account that every single element found in the earth also exist within the human body. Interesting!

I think, however, that while every element in dirt may be found in the human body, it is important to note that every element found in the human body is not found in dirt. Gotta watch that wording really carefully! Besides, do you think that every element contained in an ape is not also contained in a human? Life from life, not life from non-life; didn’t you say something to that affect?

I must end here as time is a factor. I wish to discuss, most possibly, the most indisputable evidence ever discovered. The Bible code confirming the accuracy of the Mesoretic text of the Torah. The computer programs are available for those who wish to see for themselves whether or not this research is true. Thus far, not ONE SINGLE person has been able to refute the evidence!!

I did a little research into this myself and discovered that this supposed divinely inspired code could be found in virtually any text, in any document. If you ran my posts on this web site through the computer you would find the same types of patterns! These patterns, by the way, were simple phrases or words that are found if one programs in any number of algorithms. For example, if one checks every seventeenth letter one might find the words ‘Ryan Lives’ or ‘Jesus’ or ‘Cabarnet Sauvignon’ or whatever. With only twenty six alpha characters combined with the total number of characters in the Bible, the probability is actually really high that anomalies like this will appear. If this is proof that God wrote it, then I must be God to because you will find the same ‘coding’ anomalies in my posts! Don’t worry, though, I’m a nice God (not like the one of the Bible, as we shall see shortly).

Also, please remember that you haven’t proven God, so all of my little “POOF’s” were quite justified (however sarcastic they may have been). The Bible is predicated on God, it assumes God, so we start on the merry-go-round if we say that the Bible proves God.

Take care!

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