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Kim Cabello

Since this is a thread about the validity of the Bible, I could think of no better place than in here to post some interesting facts I stumbled upon the other day. Having read about the tests that ancient documents must go through to determine their accuracy, I found that the Bible stood as the leader in two of these tests and just as reliable as every other ancient text ina third test; I thought I would share…

The three tests that ancient documents must pass to be considered an accurate portrayal of history are the Bibliographic, the Internal and the External tests.

The Bibliographic tests the documents historical accuracy by considering how many different copies of the text exist and how much time has elapsed between the original and the oldest copy they have acquired. In short, the Bible passed the Bibliographic test as the most accurate text when compared with all other ancient texts! (William Green, Josh McDowell and Jay Wile)

The Internal test determines if the document contradicts itself, for instance, they may look at eyewitness accounts, contradictions amongst the writers, etc. Contrary to popular belief as most atheists/agnostics would have us believe, the Bible does not contain the contradictions once supposed. Having determined accurate translation by Hebrew and Greek scholars, the supposed contradictions no longer posed a “problem.” In short, the Bible passed the test as well as all other ancient documents!

Lastly, the External tests whether or not the document contradicts any external sources of historical fact. Archaeology has never been able to prove the Bible inaccurate, in fact, recent archaeological findings have proven the Bible 100% accurate including many of the “miracles!” Again, the Bible passed the test better than any other document of ancient history!

Does this prove the Bible is inspired? Not necessarily, however, it sure is accurate and a MORE reliable source than any other ancient text in the history of man!

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