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Kim Cabello

So women are just an overgrown rib?

I did some pondering on this comment, Ryan, and I would like to add an additional comment. You yourself have noted that the Bible is full of literary imagery. There may be some scientific reference in point that God chose the rib of the man to create woman, however, I cannot even come up with a thought on that. However, if we look at this figuratively, I find the reason quite obvious. One of the functions of the ribs is to protect the chest cavity and organs from damage (as well as acting as a support system as the human skeleton must do), and one of those organs happens to be one of the most vital to human life, the heart. The heart is also a symbol of human emotion. Out of the man, God took the closest thing to Adam’s heart and created a woman to represent the relationship between a man and a woman. He is to be her protector and her supporter not to mention his desire to have and hold a woman, to love her, to give her his name, his children and go to the death for her if need be. It is the most beautiful picture of the relationship God planned for a man and a woman.

The unfortunate irony today is that women and men have destroyed this beautiful picture. Women no longer feel they need a man to protect and support them, and men no longer have the respect for women that they once had in generations past. Perhaps the 65% divorce rate would drop if we went back to Biblical principles; truly a fantastical love affair!

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