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Kim Cabello

No offense, Ryan, but I do not have the time to type out the entire book of genesis. You may look it up since you obviously know it so well. Let us begin with the beginning…

Verse 2 of Genesis describes our planet as coming into being as a sphere of water. Since water is a combined oxide of two hydrogen atoms (H is the most abundant element in the universe) joined with one oxygen atom, it appeared as a solid sphere before the creation of the light spectrum. Our universe, as we know, is measured by the “doppler effect” of “Fraunhaufer lines, ” also known as the red shift lines on the light absorption spectrum.

What is interesting is that astronomers definitely know that the universe is receding from our earth in both directions: meaning? It appears that God created the earth at the heart/center of creation, therefore the logical conclusion would be that creation began here.

Physicist Dr. Russell Humphreys had demonstrated that each tiny molecule of water has it own magnetic field. In this case, we can determine that when all the water molecules are aligned, in suspension, as a massive sphere, the primordial earth possesses a powerful electro-magnetic field in proportion to the composite charge of the combined molecules (“they deliberately ignore this fact, that the Word of God, heavens existed long ago, and

an earth formed out of water, and by means of water…” 2 Peter 3:5). Since water is necessary for day 3 and day 5 , the molecular structure of oxygen and hydrogen are anticipatory and preparatory for the needs of the flora and fauna to be created.

Now in verse 3 God creates light, so we now have the light spectra: light is both a wave and a particle at the same time. Notice it does not say God created the sun, it simply says

light= radiant energy that is visable to the eye. (“I am the LIGHT of the world” John 9:5) God spoke, therefore the WORD has created light and is the light.

Now for the firmament…So, we have thus far the primordial sphere of water slowly rotating generating its own magnetic field, and we have the light spectrum. Can you imagine the beauty of this picture? Water and light- the colors must have been breath taking. Our creator, Ryan, is a master! Anyway, out from this ball of water an enormous vault of water appears approximately 11 miles above the earth. This is the firmament, a

large vault or canopy with water above and below the “vault” using the hydrogen and oxygen already created. Scientist refer to this firmament as a “heat sink approximately 130 – 180 degrees fahrenheit.” The Hebrew word for firmament is “raqiya” meaning to compress or hammer out metal sheets. Now in respect to the firmament, scientist deliberated over this Hebrew word and have come to the conclusion that it makes perfect sense. Listen to what Dr. Daniel Cook, a physicist, said..

“As the elements were compressed, the oxygen simply turned blue. Hydrogen, however, became near metallic in form, and took on all the chatacteristics of metal. It became crystalline, transparent, fiber optic, superconductive and ferromagnetic. All of these characteristics have tremendous implications”

The core of the firmament would have appeared blue, above and below was a protective layer of ice. As enormous and heavy as we can imagine it being, it would have been held in statis by the di-pole magnetic field of the earth. “It would act as a photo-multiplier of light energy, protecting and enhancing human, plant and animal life.” This later collapsed in the days of Noah. There is actually proof that the firmament existed. The firmament would have filtered the sun creating a pink light. In Tokyo, Dr. Kei Mori experimented with pink light and discovered that the environment was perfect for the growth and support of life. He grew tomato plants in excess of 16 feet with 903 tomatoes. Sounds pretty nice for the Garden of Eden! Hmmmm, might this also support giant creatures such as dinosaurs?!!

Day 3, the dry land appears and vegetation is created. Since we already have the light spectrum and the firmament, the environment would have been perfect for the support of plant life. Keep in mind that God created the vegetation, he did not plant seeds as he did in the Garden of Eden. The plant life would not have required the sun as it would have already been full grown. If we look at the exact wording of day and night and we already know that the earth rotated meaning day and night must have been 24 hours. Would the plants have died in 24 hours?! No, but photosynthesis was a precursor to the creation of animals. The plants used the carbon dioxide from the air and the water from the ground and converted it into glucose; the byproduct, oxygen. (Keep in mind the light spectrum was already created. The vegetation had light.) The atmosphere is being filled with needed oxygen.

When we get to day 4, God created the sun, moon, stars (and by the way, for a later date, God foretold the coming of Christ in the stars! I guess He does love astrology!) Again, in preparation for the creation of creatures. We have plant life to replenish the atmosphere with oxygen and we now have the energy and heat from the sun. The stage is being set for the “climax.”

As for your question as God saying “we,” you will note that the Jews (remember Moses wrote the Torah) believed that God is one, “Here O Israel!, The Lord our God, the Lord is ONE.” God’s nature is of a trinity. You must also note the Hebrew word used for God, “Elohim.” Elohim is a uniplural noun in Hebrew, for example “church” is a uniplural noun in English. God chose each word Moses was to use specifically for the purpose of leaving His signature. Scientists have discovered the code within the text of the Torah, indisputable proof that the Bible is inspired and EXACTLY the way God intended it to be worded. Throw out the Babylonian influence, God inspired Moses, there are not discrepancies. Science is only now finding out the truth. More on the Bible code later!!

Genesis 1:29, “I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” I am not sure of the Hebrew word used for “meat” in your translation, but keep in mind, Moses wrote this in a time when meat was consumed and was considered an important food just as it is today, it may have been symbolic of the “weightiness” of the fruit in Eden. The fruit in Eden must have contained a wealth of phyto-nutrients and chemicals to sustain life, perhaps even protein, hence the word “meat.”

Genesis Chapter 2 is a close up view of the aftermath of creation, a specific geographical location is now the focus of and the continuation of the creation account. We now find that Moses is giving us added detail leading up to the fall of man. It is a compliment of the first account zeroing in on Adam and Eve.

Gen. 2:19, “Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them.” What translation are you using? Check with the Hebrew and Greek Bible that is far more clear!

Did you know that every single element found in the soil is also found in the human body? An article in Reader’s Digest described a fascinating discovery by the researchers at NASA’s Ames Research Center which confirmed the Bible’s account that every single element found in the earth also exist within the human body. Interesting!

I must end here as time is a factor. I wish to discuss, most possibly, the most indisputable evidence ever discovered. The Bible code confirming the accuracy of the Mesoretic text of the Torah. The computer programs are available for those who wish to see for themselves whether or not this research is true. Thus far, not ONE SINGLE person has been able to refute the evidence!!

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