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Kim Cabello

Men respected women in generations past? Women had no rights, women weren’t allowed to speak or teach in church, women were cosnsidered possesions and business deals (do you know what a dowry is?).

Have you happened to notice the relationship between Abraham and Sarah? Issac and Rebecca, Jacob and his wives, etc. I see no indication of what you have stated. You are referring to the New Testament where cultural and pagan influences contaminated God’s ideals. In some cultures, women were worshipped and men were lower (Celts I believe?)! You will also find in the New Testament that a man was to love his wife as Christ loved the church and died for her.

Anyway, in regards to Leviticus, do you understand the context? These are people offering people to the Lord, perhaps as temple servants. A woman is not as hardy as a man physically (and believe me, I am a BUILT female and I still cannot out muscle men in sports!) and she also has a monthly cycle which would have made her unclean on a monthly basis (hygienic uncleanliness here) GREATLY reducing her “service” time. Look deeper, not just on the surface. The Bible is not ambiguous as you have stated, there is meaning when you do a bit of research into culture and it helps to keep all the laws in context when referring to one in particular.

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