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Kim Cabello

Actually, light has both wave-like and particle-like characteristics: particle theory explains reflection and refraction, and wave theory explains interference and polarization which particle theory can not. Basically, as it is with electrons, light can act as a wave or it can act as a particle, but not both at the same time. QED (quantum electrodynamics) may be a unifying theory of the particle-wave duality, however it isn’t apparent that one is necessary.

Thank you, Ryan, as I can always count on learning something from you! Although, it still does not change my point.

In regards to the firmament, as I posted previously, would have been crystalline in nature, transparent, fiber-optic, superconductive and ferr-magnetic. In answer to your question, the metallic central core of frozen hydrogen would enable the vault to encircle the earth and hold it in place by the di-pole magnetic field of the earth. Keep in mind the magnetic field would have been stronger then than now.

Because the firmament would have kept the earth temperature at an ideal (76 degrees) as well as the pink light, life spans would have been much longer than today as is indicated by the seemingly ridiculous lifespans of the first recorded people. These people would have also been huge in comparison to us. Laurence Livermore National Laboratories developed a hyperbarisphere and concluded interesting results similar to the firmament. Check it out, if you cannot find it, I’ll post it later. Also, keep in mind that archaeologists excavated enormous skeletons of humans over 10 feet tall in 1941, and every part of the skeleton was perfectly proportioned to the human body as we know it today. Every wonder about the cro-magnon race? Same evidence found in Europe, perfectly proportioned humans with extreme wear on the teeth and obliteration of the sutures (seams) between the various bones of the skull indicating slow occification of the ends of the long bones. Meaning: earliest man matured slowly and attained great length of life as Genesis records. The firmament would have shielded life from the cosmic radiation enabling long life.

And, as for the Bible code, be careful you do not look like a fool, sir! The Bible code has been tested by scholars of the Statistical Science Journal, Science magazine, and hundreds of scholars, mathematicians and the like. They tested the code on War and Peace and it was not evident in this book nor any other book, article or writing. In fact they TRIED to write a paragraph that contained codes and it was impossible. It has NEVER been refuted or matched. Mathematicians declare it an impossible feat. Please do a bit more research. Try the findings of Israeli, Yacov Rambsel.

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