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yes, this is definitely something that urgently needs lifted up to our Lord. i’m sure many of us would be amazed to know just how many christians suffer from depression and anxiety. i suffer myself, but i can say that the Lord has shown me something through it. for one thing, he showed me how damaging some of our “well meant” words can really be. never again will i look at someone who is hurting, and tell them they just need to have more faith and believe. that’s like saying to a passenger on an airplane…”the pilot is dead. land the plane…just land the plane!” when we are depressed and hurting, those words feel like blame. i have learned that the best thing is to be a friend to that person….be there to listen to them, and lift them up with your words, and in prayer. help them build upon their faith, rather than telling them to just have more.

bless you for making this request! depression is a serious thing, and whether brought upon by past experiences or something else, the enemy takes great pleasure in it and does whatever he can to make it seem like a hopeless battle. praise God it is NEVER hopeless, however. i will certainly be praying about this.

God Bless All!

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