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Marcia D.

Dear Lord,

I know many are depressed and possibly they brought on the depression themselves through bad decisions and life styles. Lord, I just pray for a revival in this land. That is what we need. It all starts with true repentance and intercession for the nation. I pray that people would quit feeling sorry for themselves and do the thing that God wants them to do. We praise you Lord, for you have a good plan, a wonderful plan for each one of us but it starts with repentance and spending time in the word and prayer and all the things in the word you have told us to do. Let your name be glorified. I pray that all the saints who come to praize will be brighter lights and stronger salt for the world to see, so that the world will want Jesus. Also, I pray for milmissiongirl that she would be lifted out of this depression and be able to help her aunt even if all she can do is pray for her. I pray that her aunt would recover and start praising the Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.


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