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Pastor Jim

Allow me to with a twist and a half to come back at ya with a ironic but I believe truth that goes hand in hand with your thoughts on fidelity & integrity.

Before going any further lets just pretend we all go seeking the famous preachers chasing after their autographs, that is a foolish unpractical stance for members of the body of Christ to appropiate. Acts 17:11 is my back bone for that statement, because first off God is no respecters of persons what He appoints one to do He annoints to do, it’s just like any good preacher to me ought to have the attitude that were going to grow so much that we will grow in the Lord Him (or any Pastor) right out of the job He has for the Lord.

If the Pastors are not equipping the saints for service or dont feel like Moses did once in a while man God just kill me these hard hearted people are just too much for me to bear, then to me there is defenetely a lack of loyalty and the integrity is about a stone throw away.

To depend on finances more than the Spirit of God to appropiate ones spiritual vocation sheds light more then meets the eye on just how much integrity is truly involved! In this I say where are the true Pastors, the ones seeking to preach them selves out of their jobs because they want to equip the other sheep to fulfill their destiny thats where the true Pastors are found. Not in the falsity of self appointed financial gain thru dishonest tactics!

Pastor Jim (I say this unto God’s glory not yours) you are one I see now that the title of Pastor belongs on, and yes there are others even in our own USA. Go and preach your self out of your job so to speak Pastor Jim because then you’ll move onto a higher calling GBU all and hopefuly this side trip took us all to the same page!

In His steps for theres no other way to go

In Christ


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