I speak the blood of Jesus Christ, there is power in the blood of Jesus Christ, there is healing, restoration, redemption,forgiveness, victory in the blood of Jesus Christ, Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ i stand in the gap for this family, satan i tell you that you are a liar and you are doomed for hell, you have gone and taken charge of this family and you have drawn lines and wedges in between, you have created enemity, you have planted adultery,and unforgiveness and bitterness and you have blamed all that on mid life crisis, there is no where that is said that midlife crisis are supposed to result in family separations, this are to be days of growth and not failure and sin, my father i refuse to give satan a chance to win but i stand firm in prayer and speak the blood of Jesus upon this family, i speak reconcilition,repentance,forgiveneness,mercy and love to grow in this family LORD Jesus i overcome all hurt and bitterness in Jesus Christ’s name, The God of heaven i speak your mighty and sweetpresence and conviction upon that man that is leaving the family that you gave him to go away and sin with other women, My LORD i say that you open him mind and heart to know that what he is doing is a sin and he will be punished for it.Let him come to you for forgiveness, let him come to the place that you provided for him,i pray for his wif e and the children in Jesus Christ’s name, LORD Jesus thankyou, i ask that you give them the spirit of intercessory that they will stand in thegap for their family at all times and any time satan comes he will finf that they have a testimony and they are wholly dependant on you and they are at your feet always.Through thisfamily let all see your grace and mighjty and power.i love You Jesus..amen,i pray in you Holy and mighty name amen

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