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Hi, Robin. Have you acknowledged to him that you know you hurt him, asked what he is feeling, and what you can do to correct it and get things back on track? Maybe, if it cannot be corrected, what you both can do to forgive and move past it? He may not speak, but you can certainly tell him how you feel and how important it is to you to save this relationship. “Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer.” (Psalms 94:19) Father, we come to you today in thanksgiving for all You are to us. We humbly thank you for all You have done for us and are doing for us. We ask, Father, that you place a healing hand on this relationship; that you heal hearts, strengthen spirits in faith, open lines of communication, cast out fear, and provide them with an abundance of hope. Show them, Father, that you ARE working in their lives and help them to turn from the lies Satan is charging them with. We ask, Father, that you cover this couple in the blood of Jesus and surround them with a hedge of protection. We bind Satan and all his powers of darkness and cast them out of this marriage. Thank You, Father, for Your forgiveness, mercy, and loving kindness. We thank You for healing and success in this relationship. In Jesus’ name! Amen

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