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Father God I come asking for this brother and his wife. Father you know the issues that they are facing and I ask Father that your hand be upon them. Father show them that these trials are building blocks or steps towards their stairway to Heaven. Father show them your Grace and Your Mercy Lord in this time. I plead the blood of Christ afresh over them for their protection against the powers of the enemy ! Cause them to turn their focus back to you Father and show them that you are still with them trough it all. You will not forsake or leave them because You say in your word and your word does not go void in our lives. Father I thank-you for your tender mercy towards this family and that you will give them Victory ! In Jesus Name I pray ! Amen !

Your Sister in Christ,


Please feel free to contact me at my addy here on praize. I am here to listen and pray with you ! Turn your focus upwards instead of inward, you will see the change !

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