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Sean, it is easier for me to accept the christian who accepts differences in others, who does not condemn them for it, and who believes that their religion is a living faith, not confined to the dictates of ancient men whose writings are most certainly prejudiced by their own attitudes about the human condition.

Your posts indicate to me that you prefer the old church which condemns and described sin as anything that it views as not of itself. Ryan’s posts are from an evolving faith which deals with revelations about the human condition that we have gained through science, experience, reason and investigation.

Perhaps I am wrong in your differences….

Either way, however, I still view you both from an atheist point…that there is no supreme being on which the church has built its power over humanity.

Sean writes:

<<Using the example of stoning you must be referreing to the law of God in the old testament. If you truely understood what Jesus did you would not use that example. >>

Well, it IS in the bible and in one or two versions of the 10 commandments. The deity of the OT is the same one of the NT..never changing. I thought you approved of punishment for sins, and had disdain for the tolerance of today’s easy going church?

I wrote:

<<“But in order for the church to maintain power and control…in order for it to survive, it had to adapt to modern times and form some political correctness.”>>

Sean says that is not exactly…. Well, yes it is exactly. The christian church and the roman catholic church have always done whatever was needed to keep its temporal power, and its control over the masses.

Sean writes:

<<What I mean is there is absolute truth. I understand that people will believe different things. Some people believe Islam is the way to God. They are free to believe that but they are wrong. Truth is not determined by what we want to believe.>>

YOU know what is absolute truth?! Truth is determined by thinking. You are absolutely correct…TRUTH IS NOT DETERMINED BY WHAT WE WANT TO BELIEVE.

Sean, I am very happy that you had a miracle of happy coincidences which came together in the final form of medical science. I will indeed face death without christ. I also face life without christ. I have faced everything that has come to me for the past 30 years without christ.

<<The truth of Jesus is absolute truth.>>

It is your truth, and the truth of christians, but not mine, not muslims, not jews, not pantheists, not odinists, and not millions of atheists around the world.

There are truths that all humanity can cling to, and that is what will save us all. Accept differences and accept what we have in common.


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