Home Forums Re: Expelling the Immoral From Among You

Greg Platt

The problem is that we dont do that. We dont look after the person. We simply move our church either idealogically or physically away from the people needing help.

Do we honestly believe that the current church in America fosters and environment where people can, for instance, admit they are homosexual? Not for a moment. True, there might be an example of “this one church” that would be okay, but on average, no that is not what we foster.

Churches are the great ostracizers of our time. They are so consumed with being pure and holy, that they fail to see where Jesus spent his time.

Anyhow, the flock is all the people of the world. Just because a sheep may have wandered away, does not make it any less part of the flock. So tend that flock, but remember that Jesus rejoices more when the lost sheep is found. And remember a person might be pretty terrible, but what will they be without any access to God?

Maybe im taking a cynical look at things. I think at times we get to concerned with the laws of the Bible, and forget that we are supposed to love one another. Overall, the drunk on the corner is not all that different from me or you. We are all sinners.

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