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I agree with your posts Sean. Jesus did associate with sinners, and the Bible doesn’t say not to speak to people who are not in the church. But, I doubt that Jesus said to one of those people he was dining with “The way you’re living is fine, just keep on doing what you’re doing- Why don’t you come be one of the disciples?” The church represents Jesus, and christians everywhere to the unbelieving. If someone is seen going in and out of church and they look at this guy and say that’s the guy I saw selling dope to Sally last week. Or say an un-believer gets into a car accident with another consistent known church-goer and the person gets out cussing at the un-believer or acting rudely. Then they are going to automatically think, wow what a bunch of hypocrites. I believe this is also why it was said to expel them. I think you end up turning off more people to the church than you end up saving by keeping “repeat-offenders,” around. Church is our time together, to fellowship with each other. Paul and the other apostles went out and preached the gospel message to everyone, then those who accepted it were part of the church, but those that didn’t were not. I don’t think that they had “Whoever brings the most visitors gets a present,” Sunday services. Witness outside the church- Fellowship within.

I appreciate everyone’s responses- but still noone has really answered the main things I was wondering about this verse-it says when you are gathered in our Lord Jesus’s name and the Lord Jesus’s power is present hand him over to Satan so that the sinful nature can be destroyed. I’m still kind of stumped as to the specifics of this procedure. . .

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