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Greg Platt


I generally talk more about Gods love, and discuss wrath later. It would depend on the person. I find that a conversation often gives some indication of where a person is in their respective walk. Some people are more prepared than others to hear about wrath. So its a judgement thing, I tend to believe I have a voice inside to guide me in this.

Often times, they are well aware of the wrath, what with the people on the street corners with the signs explaining how non-believers are sinners.

As for how I expect to enter into the Kingdom? By the love of God. Its not like I am unable to walk down the street without lusting after every woman I see. But lets say once a day I think “wow, shes hot” at least 5 times a day I have a fit of rage at someone in traffic. And I think honestly this is true, in some manner, for all people.

As for whether a person who repeats a sin and still love God can inherit eternal life, I tend to find that a matter for interpretation. I generally think believe a lot more people will be heading to Heaven than many others realize. But thats just my thought.

As for living in fear of the Lord, fear can also mean living in awe of something, which I tend to think is what this means. Again no proof…just a guess.

In the church today you mostly hear love, I suppose this is needed to counterbalance what we hear from the media and the corner crazies who preach a gospel of hate. SO while an individual church may not be in balance, I think Christianity itself is.

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