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Hi Jeanne,

I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind.

Although your type of belief represents what I dislike about christianity,

Can you explain this a little to me?

I much prefer the type of christian that Ryan is

What type of Christian is that and why do you prefer it?

Indeed, if there were more about wrath and the punishment for sins committed as is dictated in the bible, I suspect that christianity would be fading away. If the church had continued to expell the immoral by shunning or stoning, reveal the punishment for mortal sins like suicide…. humanists would have overtaken christians long ago, and the world would have been better for it.

This paragraph shows you really don’t understand the gospel and the message of the bible. Using the example of stoning you must be referreing to the law of God in the old testament. If you truely understood what Jesus did you would not use that example. I can explain it to you if you like. Or.. you can just read or reread the Gospels and ask for God to show you the message.

But in order for the church to maintain power and control…in order for it to survive, it had to adapt to modern times and form some political correctness.

Not exactly. The church (more specifically the church in America) has givin in to the culture around it because it fears men and doesn’t truely believe God. If they did, it would look very different and be more effective. It might be smaller but it would be easier to distinguish from the world around it. I have seen churches in other countries that have not caved into the surrounding culture like most of the American Church has.

Truth by definition is intolerant.

What I mean is there is absolute truth. I understand that people will believe different things. Some people believe Islam is the way to God. They are free to believe that but they are wrong. Truth is not determined by what we want to believe.

I hope you do find salvation in Christ. God has gone to great lengths so that you will not die in your sins. I was on life support once before I knew Christ. Family was told I would be dead before the night was over (heroin overdose). It was purely the mercies of God that I did not die. I would have been lost without hope. I hope you do not find yourself in the same situation one day…facing death without Christ. Especially since God has made a way for you to be forgiven at His great expense. The truth of Jesus is absolute truth.

In Him,


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