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Susie A

The ressurection isn’t a lie. But all the rhetoric is entertaining at least. I’ve experienced the power of God, the presence of God, His love, touch and interventions. Aint no one can erase it…especially those who havn’t experienced Him. We could go round & round in this forum, getting all excited with word wars…. and see who can write the most potent arguments, but it doesn’t change the fact that Christ Is Real & alive, and available to those who sincerely want to know Him. I WANTED to know Him, and after sorting through different religions. I wasn’t raised with any religion. I remember my mother dropped me & my sisters off at a church one Easter. In Sunday school I remember seeing a picture of Jesus as the teacher talked about this “Christ”. At 8 years old…. I sat there thinking :” I wish there really was a person like Him”. Later on when I was 16, a girl in my high school class came to school one day, “different.”

I asked her what happened to her (she was smiling & I thought she was high)…and she told me she met Jesus Christ. I watched her over the next few weeks. I wanted what she had…I had known this girl before, and smoked on the corner with her at break times. But now she was changed, happy & different. I thought it was fake at first, but something inside me told me it wasn’t. It wasn’t until 6 years later that I met Christ, one minute I was getting ready to get a cigarette to smoke, and suddenly I sensed something happening. I sat back down, and waited with my head down. The next thing I knew I was in the presence of Christ, even though I never knew Him, and always thought God was dead or non-existent…I recognized Him now. And it happened because I had been crying out in my soul to know the real God, I wanted to know the truth. I wouldn’t settle for anything less, and I had begged Christ, that if He was truly God…divine….the Creator…then I wanted Him to reveal Himself to me, and come into my life & show Himself. Now — I’m no lunatic… at least “I” know this. What happened next was no illusion or dream. What preceded His shining presence was an overwhelming sense of love that I had never in my life felt or experienced. He was letting me feel His love…and it immediately caused me to recognize and feel bad for every wrong thing I ever did, I found myself apologizing to Him, and I cried with relief that I had finally met Him…………God. Well………..I went home wondering if this new sense of His presence with me would disappear when I woke up the next morning. I didn’t want it to. And when I woke up the next morning, the first thing I noticed was the presence of God……..loving me, communicating to my heart. That was Macrh 6th ,1977. I was 21. And it’s been 27 years, and He’s proved Himself to me over & over. The years with Him have only solidified my bond with Him. So…to listen to some of you talk about something you know nothing about, as if you were right, (and most of you are bright, intelligent folks) I feel a bit sad about that. I don’t know about you, but my heart has always wanted the TRUTH, and nothing else would suffice. Are you that way too? Let me introduce you to Jesus. You can’t see it yet, but His hand is extended to you. He knocks on the door of your heart. Oh, there’s alot of things you don’t understand that maybe make no sense to you…. but when you meet Christ, all the unanswered questions seem to melt into insignificance. And I’m not advocating any church or denomination….I’m talking about asking Christ to reveal Himself to you, and see for yourself. But don’t come at Him all cocky. I know writing such things is an invitation for flack, and maybe some jeers….I don’t care. Bring it on! Hit me with your best shots. It can’t change what I know. And I can’t change what you don’t know. Only you can. I normally don’t go to debates forums. But hey…why not? I’ve got something to share. It may not “tickle your fancy …and it may just sound like jibber-jabber, but, at least I’m sharing it. My spelling may not always be correct, and I may make mistakes at times, and maybe I cannot provide all the answers you want… but I’m being REAL with you all…I think that counts. If Jesus is real & alive, wouldn’t you want to know it? What have you got to lose, by considering what I’ve said?

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