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Wow, dovegiven, you are the first person here who has responded to any of my Beck posts as a follower of his message. That sounds a bit …”something”…for me to write of a “message” but I feel that is what it is. I recorded nearly all the last year of Beck’s show to the end. I just felt I had to keep a record of it. Still listen from 9 to 12 most days, depending on what is going on in my life. Adding to my library, thanks to him. Stocked up much more, thanks to his advice. Paid off nearly all debts to get our lives solvent thanks to his encouragement.

Have adjusted my views on faith and the USA somewhat, thanks to Glenn. I always knew of its importance to believers and chose to stand with them quite some time ago….actually pre-Glenn Beck….in my life. I think Praize had more to do with that, plus the recognition of my own traditional values being in line with Conservatives in America.

Don’t get excited, Sarah, still a materialist atheist of the deterministic bent. 🙂 Love your heart, dear.

Yes, dovegiven, the site does have tons of videos, classes, and full time broadcast starting Sept. 12. I joined immediately, even though I can’t watch videos and will have difficulty streaming live broadcasts. How I long for wireless internet…..then I would buy a Roku!!! But, I thought supporting Glenn’s effort was that important.

….and Glenn accepts us atheists who will stand together with all those who seek to limit government’s role in our lives, stop the spending, and save the Republic.

Hi Chris. (assuming you may be reading this) How’s the UK and the rest of Europe doing? All I gotta say is you gotta spend some time listening and reading Beck. I am constantly amazed by the distortions concocted from bits and pieces. I try to be more as he advises and remove hate from any aspect of my political and social viewpoints….just can’t get there.

Glad there is a fellow Beck follower here, dovegiven.

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