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To answer your question does God talk to me? The answer is most definitely YES!!! And I am so glad that he loves me so much that he takes the time to talk to me daily in very personal ways. One way to answer another question is by “ordering my thoughts”, or guiding my thoughts. This happens when I am meditating on his word or sometimes even in prayer. An example that has happened recently, I was meditating on Psalms 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God. As I was opening up to him the question naturally occured to me that I needed to know who God is. As that thought washed over me, like a storm in the distance in my mind the names of god started popping in my head. As it went on the faster and with more authority the names sounded in my mind, until with what felt like an electric jolt within me and with the most power I have ever felt, finally the name I AM echoed in my mind and soul. That is the communication of God. Amen

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