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Yes, Rio, God does have favourites, and I can tell you right now – YOU ARE GOD’s FAVOURITE !

You are valuable and precious, the apple of His eye. His own Son died so that you might live, and He has made YOU a joint (equal) heir with Jesus !

ME – I’m God’s favourite too o/ whoooooohoooooooo !!!

As for your hypothetical scenarios …… for the unbeliever to live means his life has been spared for the chance to recieve Jesus, so that has to be good, right? The believer has eternal life already. Conversely, the believer may well be saved because he acts on the Word and is surrounded by angels and clothed in the whole armour of God.

In reality, what we do and what we say has consequences. God instructs us how to live and to act on the Word. If we disobey natural and social laws, we may reap deadly consequences (e.g. not maintaining your car responsibly, driving too fast, drinking and driving etc. could all lead to a fatal accident of our own making.) If we disobey spiritual laws, and our mouths are speaking contrary to what God says, then we prevent the operation of His protection, provision and blessing in our lives.

Many tragedies can easily be ascribed to carelessness, stupidity etc., but we can never know the state of another man’s heart, or whether he has harboured unforgiveness, offence or judgement. All these will short-circuit the grace of God, which He so longs to pour into each of us, without favour.

Be blessed !

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