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Marcia D.

I’ve seen how those who live wild lives are the ones who die young so very often—the drugs, drinking and bad life styles kill them off. Also, the drinking contributes to the car accidents when the kids graduate. The best don’t die first but sometimes the innocent and the ones who are lights in the darkness are the ones to die but God always has a good purpose for allowing anything. Remember that when the righteous die they go to be with the Lord so they are in a better place. If they stay and revive it is because God is not through with them yet and they have more to do here. Also, there are many hidden reasons for things we don’t see. We only see what is obvious and take things at face value while God sees everything about us and we don’t know why he wants us to go to heaven early but he may have a work for those people to do up there we know nothing about. My senior pastor died of a brain tumor when he was about 60 I guess. That seemed young because he had been in good health until this tumor came along and he was gone in 6 mo. after it was diagnosed even though many people prayed fervently that he would live and be healed. But while they were praying, it seemed a small voice was telling me that all the prayers in the world cannot change God’s will if he has decided to take someone. I didn’t want to twist the arm of God and just pray that he stay because everyone else was praying this. Our new pastor is doing things the other one couldn’t have done. He is 20 years younger, strong in spirit and in body, and he is able to minister to the youth with a great anointing. The church is growing faster under his leadership than it was previously.

So, God’s plan is always perfect and why should we be able to understand his will all the time? Of course we can’t. His ways are mysterious but his ways are right.

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