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Well, here is another potential quaigmire of conflicting ideas and emotions. However, I feel strongly that the truth usually lies in the tension between two truths. God is love, but God hates. There are people, both individuals and personality types, that the Bible states that God hates as well as those he cares for. Fortunatly, He is the righteous judge and it is all good. Jesus even spoke of “sons of the devil.” I don’t know what or who they are, but I hope I don’t meet one, but if I do, I’ll be ready by the grace of God. A good example is the verse that states God elevates the humble, but opposes the proud. I would not want to find myself opposed by God, by any means. I think the best thing to do is realize that ultimatly God does not have any actual animosity toward anything he has created, which is a hard thing to imagine, because He has created every being in existence, to serve His purpose of course. Paul touched on this seeming conundrem when he asked the rhetorical question “if our sin brings more grace then is our sin really bad?” More directly, since God created the devil and his messengers, why do they get punished forever in torment? If God created ‘tares’ that were meant to be challenges that sharpened His people through trials, why do they go to destruction or torment? These are good questions that deserve more than simple minded stock responses generated by pop theology, however, the problem lies in the fact that there is no satisfactory clear cut, definitive answer set forth in scripture. In Matthew 25 we find Christians living below their potential going to gnash teeth in a dark place, but no time frame is established for the duration of this punishment. Throughout the NT we find the wicked that were “destined” for destruction going there. We find saints looking at the devil in stunned amazement that this punk caused all this trouble and, of course, we all know that hell was prepared for the devil and his ilk. The smoke of his torment ascends forever. On the other hand, Isaiah proclaims that the LordGod created the destroyer to wreak havoc, so how is that fair? WHAT IS MY POINT? My point is that, all things considered, it is hard to be dogmatic about much, other than the soveriegnty of God and His ultimate intention to bring all things that are sentient under the authority of one head, that being Jesus Christ. Scripture is designed to be transformitive, not an intellectual toy for word smiths to have combat with. As for the original question, yeah, God has His favorites. We can read about some of them in Hebrews 11, they made the group called “the great cloud of witnesses.” Are we all in that group? I doubt it. Enoch was the only guy that walked so close to God that he just walked on to the other side in a seamless transition. If that is the sort of thing you desire for yorself, and put legs on that desire, rest assured that you are on heavens VIP list and are among those that angels encamp about. The first step of faith is often relizing that God is a rewarder of those that seek Him and simply resting in His sovereignty with contentment and confident expectation of his provision. I know this post was sort of a ramble, hope it is a blessing to at least one. I use the quote often that “I write to find out what I think.” However, when I write about this sort of thing, I find that I have written to find out I don’t know and that I am OK with that.

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