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Howdy Dave

Heb 11:1 does away with the quagmire and conflicting emotions therory in my grasp of it because faith is involved. It takes faith to believe what God experiences over us at least for it to become a little more tangable. Now I realize this may seem to conterdict how I opened in my reply. But there is a dig under the surface at hand that you can ponder on here if you like. Yes God hates too He hates divorce He hates evil, yet where does John 3:16 tie into this picture?

You too are the apple of His eye. I guess if were to come across spiritualy correct I would rather be wrong. At least far as hoping people can experience such joy in knowing God holds tremendous love for us. It is too deep to swim down to, and too high to fly to in the natural.

At any rate sorry if this seems too far fetched to you, but it is where I am at far as my hope in our awesome Fathers love.

Sincerely me


Who knows maybe I am missing your point, but it just seems like the person origionaly with the question must be a sincere person

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