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jim fisher

rion states: I know there is a verse in the bible that clearly state that He doesnt hav any favorites . . . so my question is…if we christians are in God’s favor 42/7,shouldnt He be by our sides all the time? and protect us?,so what do u think of this story or post?

did the christian died becoz he/her time has come?

Yes, God has favorites, an inner circle if you will.

The vere you are perhaps thinking of, rion, and which was mentioned by another here above, is “God is no respector of persons,” but it is being misapplied here and elsewhere by many.

That verse is saying that God does not respect those attributes of humans we respect of one another, such as an education, social status, job, title, etc. “That which is highly esteemed among men, is an abomination to God” is similar to this.

I do not know about Nambia where you live, but here in America we have a saying, “only the good die young.” While such is a secular adage, it holds a great deal of truth. Each year when kids graduate from high school and celebrate, it is common to read in the newspaper of those who died in car accidents and such. And more often than not, when we read about their life, they are the best educated, the most liked, the most compassionate, etc.; in short, examples of the best we as humans deem proper and refined and humane and so forth.

God hates self-righteousness, those good things taking place in the world that are NOT a direct result of His Grace, because it gives humankind a false sense of goodness and a false sense of hope, “for apart from [Jesus], we can do nothing [of eternal profit].”

There’s little difference to God between a self-righteous Christian and a self-righteous unbeliever: both anger Him.

Few, however, can accept this as Truth.

brother jim


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