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I agree with most of your post, pertaining the omniscience of God/YHWH.

and I am FIRMLY against “what if’s”, in scripture or in debates of life….

to me, they are SIN, of the worst kind, cause God has acted, does act, and will act according to HIS PLAN AND PURPOSE,

and so much is made,wrongly, about our “free will, when we are actually either slaves to the flesh, or responsive, obedient slaves for Spirit of Christ.

we could discuss how men give life, and women give birth,

but that may not be appropriate for this topic, and/or thread.

Gods Law in the Tanakh addresses men “dropping” their “life presenter” on the ground, and how it defiles both him and/or the woman, if one is involved,

but that may be stretching it a bit, but it would fall in pattern with what the Rabbi says about “possible” nations…

God told Adam and Eve to MULTIPLY AND FILL THE EARTH,

before they sinned.

He didnt change his mind, or his pattern to Abel or Cain.

just thoughts to think about……

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