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Julie Watson

Joy! Dear Lord, thank You for Your joy, because it gives us the opportunity to trust You entirely when things get so difficult for us. Lord, do not allow kellykidd’s joy to be taken away any longer! Comfort her Lord, giver her Your peace & show her the power of keeping the joy You’ve already given her. You are our everything, our Counselor, our Father, our God, our All! Please, Lord, hear Your daughter’s cry out to You & reveal all of Your abounding mercy & grace over all of the situations she is facing right now. You always answer us, please Lord reveal to her what Your plans are for these situations she is facing, what is it that You are trying to tell her & how it is that You will bring glory & honor to the difficulty of it all. Our trust is in You Lord & I praise & honor You, because not only are You real & true, but You are always there for us! Glory be to You Awesome God!! Thank You Lord for all!!! Amen.

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