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Jesus i bless your Holy name and i thankyou for this post and i bless you for the this sister who has taken it upon herself to ask for that we join her in prayer for Derreck, Jesus you know Derreck and you know all he needs right now, Father i ask that you save him so that he may know the way and have life and have it in aboundance in Jesus Christ’s name, LORD i speak the merits of the blood of Jesus Christ upon him in Jesus Christ’s name, LORD God i pray that you provide him with a job and let it be a job that is goal oriented and a job that he will love, through it father let him know how much you love him and care about him, Jesus thankyou for all you have started to do in Derrecks life and thankyou for i know your promises will come to be made manifest through him for the glory of your Holy name LORD, thankyou Jesus, receive hounour and blessings, it is in the mighty nam eof Jesus Christ that i pray and we believe..amen

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