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Chris Medway

[#0000FF]craigdressler : Welcome to Praize
[#0000FF]Doesn’t it make much more sense that a divine designer, God, engineered this process and set it in motion?[/#0000FF]

I agree it makes sense that God would have designed the material universe in such a way as to make it inevitable that life would evolve to at least the degree that a creature could eventually have the capacity to ask that question and appreciate the possibility of God having initiated and overseen the whole protracted process. Indeed it might have even been God’s purpose to have such a creature appreciate God’s Greatness and explore His ‘Creation’ in the hope of finding God themselves.

Who can say whether ‘man’s’ curiosity is not naturally implanted by God.

Yes, though this does not necessarily take one any nearer having to accept ‘Creationism’ as a valid form of ‘science’. I don’t think it is.

Regards Chris.

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