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Paul Straz


I respect your desicion to believe what you want.

I never thought that satanism is just rejecting the diety.

I thought it was actually worshipping satan.


let me try to see where your coming from by giving you a sinareo.

about hell..

you said you have kids and are a mom. lets say someone came in and put a gun to your kids head , tied you up, and in front of you blew him away, even though your kid screamed the whole time. lets say he laughed in your face afterwords, and decided to trash your place. set fire to your house, stole your car, and all in your bank account. lets say he also was your very husband who did it. and lets say he never gets caught for it, becomes the most wealthy and bless person on the face of the earth. and continues to oppress you for the rest of your life.

(I know this is the extreme but let me go on)

lets say he also tells you he pricked you in your sleep and gave you aids too. you now have a few years to live.

you both die and nobody is judged, because there is no hell.

you get the same treatment as he in whatever afterlife there is.

dont you think thats not fair?

ok. that was as extreme as I can come up w/.

you admit that some do need to be judged right?

now let me give you this sinareo..

lets say God really counts those who believe in him and follow him as His kids. lets say that there are some who treat His kids wrongly. now, your a mom.. If you were God, wouldnt you want to protect your kid and punish the one who does him wrong?

especially if you gave the one who did your kid wrong a chance to get off free, and they refuse it in rebellion against you?

ok one last thought..

all people do wrong to somebody sometimes in their life.

and to love everybody at all times is to be without sin.

if this is the case, you would agree w/ me that nobody would be without sin. Everybody deserves some sort of judgement.

God also knowing this, loving His creation, made a way to avoid judgement. By giving His own son to die and be punished in our place. He sent Jesus to die for our (and your sins) .. He went to hell himself and suffered for 3 days before God rescued Him there. He paid the price in those 3 days so you or anyone who believes in the sacrifice doesnt have to go to hell themselves.

so yes. theres alot of bad things in this world, as a result of sin.. (and actually satan himself causes alot of those bad things- if you dont like it the way it is, then satan is the last being youd want to follow) but in each bad thing that happens to you personally, you have a God who is willing to hear your prayer and help you out of the bad thing that satan put you into.

Hell was made for satan and his rebellous angels, not for humans. but if humans want to reject Gods free gift and have thier sins paid for through Jesus, then He has no there choice. How would you feel if you sent your kid to hell to pay for someone else’s wrongs and then they just reject it??

the trick is to believe the bible is true and that God exists and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him… reguardless of the circumstances. choose to believe enough in the goodness of God to interpret the world as the bible says and not interpret the bible as the circumstances are.

ok. I got you all worked up. I made my point.

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