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Hi rejoicing! Yes,I met him before he was discovered. We are from the same town and I worked with his mother as an interior decorator. One day before leaving work, I mentioned going home and picking my guitar. She then told me about a talent show she led up. N.C. Music Assoc…She said she’de been doing the show for a few years and her son was one of the main attractions. She invited me to come see and gave me a demo CD he had made. I took it home and listened to it…WOW!!!!!!…I could not believe he was SO undiscovered. Went back to work to tell Faye how talented I thought he was. I asked why he was not under contract with anyone. She said he wanted to not be put into a mold so to speak and wanted to do his own kind of music. She arranged for me to go to the concert and meet him. I did and he is wonderful. I really enjoyed that show! And meeting him. He is a nice guy…well raised christian.( Hope he sings some of the christian/gospel music that I’ve written someday ) I pray he always stays on God’s path. Anyway, that’s my story about Clay… sorry if I rambled on…But remember him in your prayers because he has made a stand for God and God could mightily use HIM.

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