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This issue is always hard. Yes, homosexuality is a perversion of sexuality according to God’s plan for sexuality. Yes, the acts of homosexuality are spoken of, not just as sin, but an abomination. However, knowing this and trying to speak on this to a culture that has been intoxicated by diverse teachings on the matter of sexuality, let alone the relativism within such teachings that seem to make the only maxim to be that it is wrong to judge and discern matters of morality in regards to sexuality.

This, in a nutshell seems to be what Christianity is up against, let alone those who choose to live a moral life according to the virtues of natural law. How does one uphold even the natural law when it has been perversed by the culture? Often, the answer for sometimes seems to be a watered-down view of charity and mercy that often is not quite representative of their original intents and purposes. Charity is not merely about supporting a “grass roots” organization, nor is mercy to mean to have a blind eye to the sins of the world, and especially is not meant to ignore sin, but to be a way in which a person can be led out of sin-to be led away from fear of punishment and toward the love of God that leads to a conversion and towards repentance.

Pax Vobiscum,


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