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I had read this news article on Praize itself, and it reminds me of a little management lesson about discernment. It goes like this a person is blind folded and then his team is asked to guide him to a certain spot across the room.

Team members wanting to be heard shout out loud directions. Some deliberately cry out conflicting directions for fun, while others do it to confuse the person. In the end the blind folded person is so confused he has to stop and consider how he is going to reach the targeted area of the room.

This little exercise taught me how things work in real life as well. There are many who shout out loudly. But not all shout out the truth. They are like the children in the market whom Jesus spoke of. They do not know the truth, but they don’t want others to know the truth either.

Those who fight for homo sexuality as if it were a right see themselves only as sexual beings. Their life and meaning of existence begins and ends with sex. Their attitude is easily encouraged in this day and age where everything goes. In the name of not being biased people are willing to accept everything that is said.

This is what Jesus said about not being embarrassed about Him before the world. According to God’s laws homo sexuality is a sin most offensive to God, yet the world will have us believe that we are being biased and backward if we hold on to God’s laws. So they want to change God’s unchanging laws.

The Church has become a stumbling block for these people and an obstacle for them to have a free reign in sin. Unfortunately today we face an enemy who has deceived people into not thinking about sin. Its a very smart tactic of war. He is using stealth. If you dont see the enemy you cannot fight him. If you do not see sin, you cannot accept it as being wrong and therefore you will not fight it.

How much more we need to pray so that Jesus will not be disappointed in us. We can be swept with the tide at any moment if we do not hold fast. For did not Jesus say, that will He find faith when He returns in His glory.

Its really scary to see that faith seems to be on the decline. People are willing to please people, while God is given the back seat, if He is ever allowed to enter our lives.

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