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Hello Rhea.

<<Those who give up thier freedom, for the sake of security deserve neither.>>

Ben Franklin, I believe. We live in a country with a secular government which provides for religious freedom as one of the many individual freedoms designated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The christian, non-catholic, religion has influenced the political arena for decades, and is being more vigorously challanged now. I think that the religious right, ultra-conservatives have held sway for so long that they have reacted extremely defensively to that challange, and the appearance is given to the general public that EVERYTHING GOOD IN AMERICA is under attack.

Perhaps it may be necessary for the pendulum to swing left before it settles in its proper place in the middle…in the neutral position. By neutral I mean, keeping “religions” out of government…NOT keeping morals/ethics out of government.

I think it is important for both goverment and religions to remain separate entities, as the separation protects them both, and better serves our multi-cultural citizenry.

In case anyone wonders, I am a conservative, but not far right.


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