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My concern is that a selective ideology (the religious rightists) will become the exclusive ethical code. On top of that, in this climate of fear that we live in, will began to make laws that exclude people they don’t like. Now you may say that today it is Arab terrorists (for example), but who will it be tomorrow!?

Yes, we do have protections (the courts, elections, the Bill of Rights, and our Constitution), but it is my concern that the “rightists” will hijack these institutions through control over the people who supposedly represent us. Using the climate of fear, beliving it is for our own good, we will give up our freedoms, for the sake of security. In other words, they will control what is ethical (even if it means changing the rules they want to break, even those that our founding fathers put into place to protect us from them) Anyone who is against them they will label anti patriotic, and subversive. All the while we cringe in the corner waiting for an external enemy, our media is lulling us, telling us who is sleeping with the Prince of Wales, or what Micheal Jackson is doing. We can’t afford to let one group say what is ethical and moral.

America already has a good, solid ethical code. It is in simple terms “All men are created equal”. and so far, we have taylored our laws, and ethics, with very few exceptions to make this a relization, regarless of who we are, where we come from for everyone. I don’t want to see that change to suit one group.

If you read history on how tyrants take over a country, they usually don’t do it with a gun. Most tyrants take over, riding on ideology, yes even God, playing on the fears of the people, and when the people see what the real aganda is, and how it is enforced, they are too afraid to speak against the tyrant and his minions. Even in our own country, there was “McCarthyism”, which was to ride on an ideology, play on fear, exclude people and ideas we don’t like, villify people who decent.

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