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Susie A

>>”Then what is the point of it all, Tim? Why pray for intercession when all is fated to happen according to your deity’s will?”

God sees the finish line, and those that will cross it. But it does not mean the race should not be run, Jeanne. There’s really nothing intimidating about the fact that God knows all, because He is ever-loving, ever-rooting for all. If you don’t see yourself in this “race”… you don’t have to run it. You don’t have to do anything, but say “yes” to Him, or continue with “no”. I wish and pray though, that you would “run” by my side. If not, I love you anyway, and so does the Lord, and don’t you be concerned about these things, because He is well-able to acomplish His purposes, whether we understand His purposes or not.

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